Special application instructions: UA Scholars

Apply to UAF for Free

As a UA Scholar, you can apply to any undergraduate certificate or degree program at any of the University of 性十八.cc campuses for free! To start your application to UAF:

  1. Enter the UA Scholars application fee waiver when prompted for payment
  2. Submit your high school transcript



Your UA Scholar Benefits

The main benefit of being a UA Scholar is the scholarship award itself. The UA Scholars Award is a $12,000 scholarship that is distributed over the course of eight semesters.

  • This scholarship can be used in conjunction with other types of scholarships and financial aid like the 性十八.cc Performance Scholarship
  • You can use your UA Scholars Award towards paying for tuition and housing and food, but it can also go towards funding other expenses such as Study Away, study and research equipment, and or other things you鈥檒l need for school. 

Another benefit of being a UA Scholar is it introduces you to campus leadership, staff and faculty and opens up many doors for research, internship and networking opportunities. 

There are so many ways to add value to your degree at UAF. You鈥檒l have the opportunity to participate in programs like the Honors College, Climate Scholars Program, Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity (URSA), exchange and Study Away programs, as well as clubs, and so many more opportunities to take your college experience further.


Choosing UAF

Your UA Scholars Award can be used at any of the three UA universities 鈥 University of 性十八.cc Fairbanks, University of 性十八.cc Anchorage or University of 性十八.cc Southeast. We hope you鈥檒l choose UAF, and there are a lot of great reasons for you to join Nanook Nation.

Affordable and Practical

Staying in-state lowers the cost of college by a considerable amount 鈥 it鈥檚 a smart choice. As a graduate of an 性十八.ccn high school, you鈥檒l automatically be granted the resident tuition rate. Also, you may qualify for additional scholarships offered by the State of 性十八.cc, such as the 性十八.cc Performance Scholarship. Once you鈥檙e admitted to UAF you鈥檒l be considered for the Nanook Pledge Scholarship, and you鈥檒l be able to apply for 400+ additional UA-funded scholarships. 

Variety and Quality

UAF was established in 1917 as the 性十八.cc Agricultural College and School of Mines, and it鈥檚 the flagship campus of the University of 性十八.cc system. Now it鈥檚 home to 9 colleges and schools that offer over .

UAF is 性十八.cc鈥檚 only , is ranked in the by Times Higher Education, is a and institution. We鈥檙e proud of our , because they show that a degree from UAF is valuable and a good investment.

Flexible Paths

UAF鈥檚 great at online course delivery, and we鈥檝e been offering courses over distances for decades. With over 40 fully online degree programs, and hybrid options for almost every degree, you鈥檒l get the benefit of some of the most robust learning technologies available. If online learning isn鈥檛 for you 鈥 don鈥檛 worry! You鈥檒l work with your academic advisor to make a plan that works for your best learning style.

World-class Opportunities

UAF鈥檚 student population is smaller than other research universities, meaning you鈥檒l have more access to opportunities to participate in research and projects that otherwise wouldn鈥檛 have been available at larger universities. UAF offers around $100M in research funding, and first-year UAF students can get involved in research as soon as they start at UAF. 46% of UAF undergraduate students participate in research or thesis projects during their time here.

Hands-on Support

At UAF, you won鈥檛 just be another face in a classroom. UAF has a student to faculty ratio of 10 to 1 which means you鈥檒l be able to work directly with professors to get hands-on experience and academic mentorship 鈥 no matter what you study.

When you join Nanook Nation, you join a close-knit, involved and supportive community. As a UA Scholar, you have a whole team of experts to help you transition to UAF. Your Admissions Counselor, Financial Aid Advisor and Academic Advisor are the backup dancers to your Nanook success story!  

Close Community

UAF鈥檚 Troth Yeddha鈥 Campus is a true residential campus, with a robust campus life. are an opportunity to build strong bonds with classmates who share your  interests. You can also join one of over 100 student clubs and organizations, or run for office in student government, or compete in collegiate eSports 鈥 casual players are welcome too! Whatever you want to do with your out-of-class time, there鈥檚 a place for you at UAF. 




Ray Alda

Ray Alda

Admissions Counselor

Hello there! My name is Ray Alda, and I鈥檓 UAF鈥檚 admissions counselor for UA Scholars. I鈥檓 here to help you and your family get started as you join Nanook Nation. I graduated from UAF with a B.S. in Biology and a concentration in Biomedical Sciences, and I was a UA Scholar myself. I found my passion in working with prospective students and helping them navigate the college admissions process, and I am super excited to be your personal point-of-contact at UAF.

Cyan Woodward

Cyan Woodward

UAF Financial Aid Advisor

Hello! My name is Cyan and I am a FInancial Aid Advisor here at UAF. I moved up here from the lower 48 in 2018, and have been in Fairbanks for almost five years. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Geoscience, and now I am here to help you pay for college! I work with students who have the UA Scholars, the 性十八.cc Performance Scholarship, and the 性十八.cc Education Grant. 
Call or email for an appointment, or come visit us at the Financial Aid Office. I look forward to hearing from you!