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Faculty positions

Taking on a faculty position at the University of 性十八.cc Fairbanks is an invitation to be part of a pioneering academic community at the forefront of exploration and discovery. Amidst the majestic wilderness of 性十八.cc, joining UAF means embracing a commitment to academic excellence, research innovation, and community collaboration. As a faculty member, one has the privilege of not only shaping minds but also contributing to the understanding and preservation of the unique environmental and cultural heritage of the region. The opportunity to engage with students and colleagues in such a dynamic and inspiring setting makes the journey at UAF both intellectually stimulating and personally fulfilling.

(from left) Carrie Baker, Professor and Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Dept. of Theatre and Film, Maya Salganek, Director of FRAME and Associate Professor, Film/Video Arts, and Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Professor of Native Art and Department Chair, take a photo before the faculty processional during the University of 性十八.cc Fairbanks 2023 Commencement Ceremony at the Carlson Center Saturday, May 6, 2023. | UAF Photo by Eric Engman


  Visiting Assistant Professor of Journalism - UAF Snedden Chair
Job #528337

An initial Review Date of applications will be May 30, 2024. Applications must be completed and submitted no later than 11:55 PM (性十八.cc Standard Time) May 29, 2024 for consideration.  To ensure consideration, please apply prior to the review date. Position is open until filled.

On Campus

The University of 性十八.cc Fairbanks Science and Environmental Journalism Department is seeking an exceptional journalist as the C. W. Snedden Chair for the 2024 鈥 2027 academic years (three-year appointment). We are looking for an award-winning science and/or environmental journalist to teach 性十八.cc鈥檚 future reporters in specialized, multimedia journalism. We invite enterprising professionals to join us teaching while also doing their own reporting in a land rich with untold stories.

  Temporary Adjunct Faculty - CLA (Non credit)
Job #528508

Applications close 30 June 2025

Temporary, Non-credit

On campus, Remote, Hybrid, Remote within 性十八.cc

Subject areas include but are not limited to: Anthropology, Art, Communication, English, Foreign Language, Global Studies, History, Journalism, Justice, Linguistics, Music, Northern Studies, Philosophy & Humanities, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Theater & Film, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.
  Temporary Adjunct Faculty - CLA (for Credit)
Job #524507

Applications close 30 June 2025

Temporary, for credit
On campus, Remote, Hybrid, Remote within 性十八.cc

Would you like to teach courses within the College of Liberal Arts? The University of 性十八.cc Fairbanks, College of Liberal Arts is accepting applications for adjunct faculty members for the upcoming academic year 2023-2024. You could teach a course in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and languages. Apply here!



Staff positions

Joining the staff at the University of 性十八.cc Fairbanks offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to the operational excellence and vibrant community of America's Arctic university. As a staff member, become an integral part of the university's mission to support students, faculty, and researchers in their pursuit of knowledge and innovation. Working in the heart of 性十八.cc's stunning landscape adds an extra dimension to the role, fostering a sense of connection to both the academic community and the natural world. The collaborative and inclusive environment at UAF provides a rewarding experience for staff members to make meaningful contributions and grow both personally and professionally.

The CLA Dean team poses for a photo on a snowy day | UAF Photo by Eric Engman
  CLA Staff Writer
Job #528774

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until a successful candidate is identified. 


On campus, Remote, Hybrid

The UAF College of Liberal Arts is hiring a part-time staff writer to work with the CLA Public Information Officer. The staff writer will create engaging content for various platforms, collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to highlight the college's achievements and support the dissemination of key messages to diverse audiences. Join us in promoting the dynamic and impactful work of our academic community.

  Administrative Assistant
Job #528487

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until a successful candidate is identified. 


On campus

The College of Liberal Arts is seeking an Administrative Assistant to oversee the day-to-day operations of our academic departments. Become part of the administrative team for the College of Liberal Arts where we value collaboration and mutual support. 






Student positions

Taking a student job at the University of 性十八.cc Fairbanks is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience while pursuing your academic goals. Student jobs offer a chance to develop skills, build relationships, and contribute to the university community. Additionally, being part of UAF's campus provides unique access to resources and opportunities, all while experiencing the beauty and adventure of 性十八.cc firsthand. This combination of academic and professional growth in such a dynamic setting makes a student job at UAF an enriching and rewarding experience.

Student assistant Kirsten Olson collects specimens from the stacks at the University of 性十八.cc Museum of the North. | UAF Photo by Todd Paris
  Student Assistant Positions - CLA
Job #528250

Applications close 30 June 2025

On campus, Remote, Hybrid, Remote within 性十八.cc

Interested in working for the College of Liberal Arts? We have a variety of Student Assistant positions available throughout the academic year. Starting rate is $14.38 per hour. Apply here.





Volunteer positions

Whether supporting events, assisting with administrative tasks, or engaging in outreach initiatives, volunteers play a crucial role in advancing the mission of CLA and enhancing the overall student experience. Volunteering provides a chance to develop skills, build relationships with faculty and staff, and make a positive impact on campus life. Embracing this opportunity allows individuals to be an active part of fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning environment within the liberal arts community at UAF.

UAF alumni burger booth volunteers pause for a photograph during UAF Day at the Tanana Valley State Fair in August. | UAF Photo by JR Ancheta
  Department of Theatre & Film Productions

The Department of Theatre & Film is seeking volunteers to work at their productions. Typically they can use assistance in the Costume Shop, Scene Shop, Electrics, Scenic Painting, Box Office, Ushering. 

Email them and let them know what you're interested in.