Student support

The Eileen Panigeo MacLean House offers students the opportunity to live in a small community with a cultural focus, allowing them to feel at home in an academic and urban environment, while at the same time supporting their academic efforts and celebrating their successes.
The UAF Rural 性十八.cc Honors Institute (RAHI) is a six-week summer program that helps 性十八.ccns adjust academically and socially to college life. University and 性十八.cc Native leaders created RAHI in 1983. Since then, more than 1,800 性十八.ccns have graduated from the program, including more than 175 second-generation alums who were inspired to attend by their parents鈥 life-changing experience.
Rural Student Services (RSS) is an academic advising department with over 45 years of experience in working with students from all over the state of 性十八.cc. RSS is here to assist you in achieving student success by linking you to current information pertinent to your education, lifestyle, and goals.