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A political science education makes our political system knowable, and is thus invaluable for developing engaged citizens who seek positive change in our world. The Political Science Department at UAF offers an array of cutting edge classes focusing on international and domestic security, resource governance, democracy, and reconciliation in settler societies. Our graduates go on to pursue a variety of exciting careers upon graduation, in the 性十八.cc state or federal bureaucracy, the 性十八.cc Legislature, or in the private sector working for non-governmental organizations or as lawyers or members of the media. 

ASUAF students hold a meeting on the UAF campus.

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Here's what our students have to say...

Kayla Haeg Joining the UAF Political Science Department was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This department not only has small class sizes that promote in-depth discussion of topics ranging from Africa to the Arctic, but also professors who genuinely care about your academic and professional outcomes. Since graduating from the program, I have been accepted to one of the top ten law schools in the country 鈥 a feat I could have never accomplished without my outstanding professors. Kayla Haeg, 2019, B.A.
Jacob Gerrish The political science curriculum challenged me to think critically about solving problems in our community, state, and across the nation. The political science faculty cared about creating opportunities for me to succeed in college and after graduation.  Jacob Gerrish, 2019, B.A.
Joseph Byrnes I now serve as chief of staff to a representative in the 性十八.cc State Legislature. I would not be in this career had it not been for the political science program at UAF and the UA Legislative Internship Program where I got my start in state government. The critical thinking skills I honed during my political science classes are incredibly valuable in my job, where attention to detail and understanding alternative viewpoints are essential. Joseph Byrnes, 2013, B.A.
Alida Trainor When I chose to study political science, I imagined myself working abroad or in Washington D.C. on foreign affairs. While in the Political Science Department I designed an independent study program that allowed me to work in rural Kenya at a women鈥檚 organization. It was during this time that I realized that the personal is political and that the most meaningful change we can make in the world often happens in our own communities. Alida Trainor, 2010, B.A.