Welcome to the Study Away Program


Spend a summer, semester or year studying abroad or in a different U.S. state, while earning credit toward your UAF degree. Experience a different environment, a new culture and unique learning opportunities. You don鈥檛 need to have a second language, travel experience or a limitless budget 鈥 just a sense of adventure.


Our services

The Study Away Program office assists students with planning how to make studying abroad a meaningful, timely and affordable part of their degree program. We facilitate the whole study away process, from initial advising to program preparation to transferring back credits.


UAF offers access to hundreds of study away programs, both abroad and in the U.S. Participate in the National Student Exchange, the north2north program or another international exchange, or one of our affiliate study abroad programs from all around the world.



Studying away gives you access to unique courses and academic programs to enrich your educational journey. With some advance planning, studying away can fit into your timeline for completing your UAF degree, regardless of your major.


Studying away doesn鈥檛 always have to cost more than a normal semester at UAF. Most financial aid and scholarships can be used on most programs, and additional scholarships are available.



Attend an information session to learn more, make an appointment to talk with an advisor, and take the first steps on your study away adventure!